About me

What may describe me the best could be an history that happens some 25 years ago.

At this time I was a student, with some capacities in sciences. Someone asked me what I would like to do as a future job. As I was found of arts, my first answer was:

- I would like to be a set decorator.
- Hum... hum... very interesting, but this is not something easy, and few people do it. Think about it and come back to me in one week with other ideas.

One week passed.

- Did you think about it?
- Yes, for sure, I would like to be a designer.
- Hum... hum... ok, but this not a simple path and you may have other possibilities. Think about it and come back in one week.

One week passed.

- OK, so now, what would you like to do?
- Something around advertising maybe?
- Hum... hum... You do not seem to be so sure. What about thinking a bit more about it?

One week passed.

- I am sure you have now some good ideas.
- OK, OK. I want to be an architect.

... And so I am, but an IT one.

PS: I didn't see this guy anymore...

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