samedi 25 janvier 2014

Put the price apart, when it comes to quality, mac becomes the number 1 choice

I recently had a discussion with a guy from an IT company who has a BYOD policy. In few words, they give their employees 1200 € (about 1600 bucks) to buy a personal computer with a 3-year 24/24 warranty and use it at work. After one year, the PC is their own.

What appears is that 80% of people buy a Mac. To be honest, I could not imagine this. But this is the fact. If you have enough money and only care about quality, Mac is really a bargain.

Apple should think about it. They have the quality but their prices is clearly high. This is a market position that I may understand, but they have a clear advantage in terms of image to people (even IT ones, which - as an IT guy - I didn't believe). What about a low-end "MacBook c" for young people, students and so on (and why not, with delightful candy colors that had success in the past ?

mercredi 1 janvier 2014

"Le futur de la photo : Canon, Nikon et Sony ?"

Les mutations numériques touchent de plein fouet de nombreux secteur. La photographie, la vidéo, le livre, la musique.

Tout est désormais disponible dans une seule main sous la forme d'un smartphone.