samedi 25 janvier 2014

Put the price apart, when it comes to quality, mac becomes the number 1 choice

I recently had a discussion with a guy from an IT company who has a BYOD policy. In few words, they give their employees 1200 € (about 1600 bucks) to buy a personal computer with a 3-year 24/24 warranty and use it at work. After one year, the PC is their own.

What appears is that 80% of people buy a Mac. To be honest, I could not imagine this. But this is the fact. If you have enough money and only care about quality, Mac is really a bargain.

Apple should think about it. They have the quality but their prices is clearly high. This is a market position that I may understand, but they have a clear advantage in terms of image to people (even IT ones, which - as an IT guy - I didn't believe). What about a low-end "MacBook c" for young people, students and so on (and why not, with delightful candy colors that had success in the past ?

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