lundi 1 décembre 2014

L'homme de l'année en automobile : Elon Musk, PDG de Tesla

Depuis "20 Minutes" : l'homme de l'année en automobile : Elon Musk, PDG de Tesla
Ce n'est pas la première fois que j'évoque Tesla ici. Je trouve le pari de la voiture 100% électrique visionnaire.
N'est-il pas mauvais d'avoir raison trop tôt? L'avenir le dira. Mais peut-être n'est-il tout simplement pas trop tôt...

vendredi 3 octobre 2014

Orange signe avec Tesla pour accélérer dans la voiture connectée

Ce deal confirme le virage pris par Tesla en direction de la voiture de demain: électrique, connectée (cf. le précédent article de ce même blog Tesla's most disruptive product).

Sans doute un bon deal pour Orange, souvent en tête dans ce type de partenariat (pour mémoire, il était le distributeur exclusif de l'iPhone à sa sortie...).

dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Internet of thing : use of data to analyze earthquakes effect

In the following article from Postcapes, you have a preview of what could be the use of big bunch of data uploaded from Jawbone connected devices .

This gave me a fool idea. Imagine that we use such connected devices massively on wild animals. This may allow to track their moves, which could be quite useful to study wildlife evolution and potential disorders.

There is a well-known urban legend that animals have the ability to anticipate earthquakes or tsunami (see article from National Geographic). Such devices may potentially confirm or infirm this theory. In any case, it could be interesting to check...

dimanche 17 août 2014

The Messy Art of UX Sketching

From Smashing magazine, a great sample of how to design user experience using drawing layers.

I personally use a lot of sketches to express myself, collaborate or even search ideas.

This article is quite interesting as it propose a method for better sketches. I will certainly try to use it soon, but need to buy a ruler first...

mardi 15 juillet 2014

A new partnership between iOS and IBM targeting enterprises

This is a brilliant evidence that Apple now has taken seriously the professional market which was not the case before.

This partnership with IBM is a way to marry with a company which is not a direct concurrent so far, but has a very good and long reputation with professionals.

For more details, see 9to5mac

lundi 14 juillet 2014

Google glass is a small step for man, MindRDR is a giant leap for mankind

With MindRDR, You can command directly your Google glasses from ... your brain.

The product is rather simple, and let say it, not very discrete, but using both Google glasses and ThinkGear EEG sensor from NeuroSky, it allows you to command your Google glasses using your mind to capture pictures and share them to social networks (Twitter and Facebook).

More than this simple feature, it also provides an open source app for Google glasses in order to enhance the device capabilities in the future. First feature I am thinking about is a way to exchange small messages between device wearers, and this already has a name : telepathy.

What is interesting there is that MindRDR did innovation, not by creating an hardware device, but by mixing two existing ones and providing a way for more promising innovations in the future.

Of course, this also raised a lot of questions about the potential bad use of such devices but in any case, this is a part of current technical revolution.

samedi 12 juillet 2014

mercredi 2 juillet 2014

Un laptop à un euro pour bientôt?

Un modèle initié par les opérateurs téléphoniques

Mon premier téléphone portable (un sorte de grosse brique grise signée Bouygues Telecom) était onéreux à l'achat et s'accompagnait d'un forfait non moins onéreux.
Puis les opérateurs téléphoniques, sans doute soumis à un marché de plus en plus compétitif, firent progressivement évoluer leur modèle vers une approche où le coût du périphérique était absorbé par le prix de l'accès au service. On vit alors surgir des offres où, sous réserve d'engagement longue durée, on offrait un mobile d'entrée de gamme pour un euro symbolique.

La déclinaison sur les smartphones

Le marché des smart phones semble connaître aujourd'hui le même type de mutation avec des périphériques "low-cost" toujours plus puissants associés à des offres longue durée (24 mois en règle générale).

Le "cloud", nouveau champ de bataille

Bref, ce n'est plus le plus le matériel que l'on vent, mais le service et l'accès à celui-ci. Les grands acteurs - Apple, Google, Microsoft et bien d'autres - l'ont bien compris et ont déjà déplacé la ligne de front vers le "cloud".
Google et même allé plus loin, en proposant le ChromeBook, laptop "low-cost" nativement connecté et entièrement conçu autour de son offre de service.

Alors, à quand un laptop à 1€?

lundi 16 juin 2014

An end to end JavaScript application with Parse and Durandal

An end to end JavaScript application with Parse and Durandal

A little test of Parse Cloud code (see Parse documentation) along with DurandalJS framework (see website), i.e. jQuery, requireJS, KnockoutJS, SamyJS and so on...
So a full Javascript solution from back to front end with a little HTML5 / CSS (Bootstrap) on top.

First glance about Parse makes it very promising. It seems that Facebook and more recently Apple already understood it.

To be continued...

mercredi 11 juin 2014

Countries visited by my 10 years old daughter

Pays où est allé la Loulette
Map can not be displayed
It has been a long time since last post... I had recently a discussion with my ten y.o. daughter and we imagined to colorized on a map every country she already visited. We could do it of course on a classical map with pencils, but this was also a good opportunity to use google chart API. And here we are...

jeudi 29 mai 2014

Crystal Ball exercise... from IDC

From BusinessWire : IDC Lowers Tablet Projections 2014 Phablet Shipments

Following IDC analysis, it seems that equipment rate is now at a plateau. Quite interesting also to see that IDC projections show a stable market share for iOS despite a not-so-fast growing of Windows and by consequence, a light decrease of Androïd.

Wait and see...

jeudi 22 mai 2014

Surface Pro 3 : le nouveau vaisseau amiral des tablettes Microsoft

Une tablette ciblée pro, par Microsoft

Avec cette nouvelle tablette, Microsoft peut envisager de se tailler la part du lion dans le domaine pro. C'est là sans doute un formidable gisement en terme de parts de marché et l'occasion de (re)venir dans la course. D'autant plus que l'écosystème de développement (Windows / .NET) est mature et la stratégie d'infrastructure (Azure), claire et dûment assumée.

À voir ici en vidéo

vendredi 9 mai 2014

Cloud computing : Microsoft is in da house

I recently played with Microsoft Azure and it clearly was impressive. Here below are some thoughts about it

Waouh effect

I tried the platform for almost 24 hours. During these three days, I was able to implement a small cloud infrastructure with:
- on network (Burgundy) with its own DNS and Active Directory server (Vougeot)
- a SQL Server 2008 R2 server (Pommard)
- a Sharepoint 2013 server (Gevrey)

Tested infrastructure

I am clearly not an OS nor a network engineer, but I did it quite easily using standard virtual machines provisioned on Azure.
Why three days? mainly because I passed half of my time configuring my SharePoint site and browse trough the different pages offered by Azure administration tool to discover the platform capacities.

By the way, what about the administration tool? I would say that it took me 1 hour, no more, to discover it by myself and understand the main principles of it. A great work has been done here to simplify the administration and make it as simple as possible.

I used Google App engine some months ago, and clearly, it was not as mature as Azure is, proposing a set of services to host application in an PaaS approach, but having impact on produced code.
I use a bit iCloud from Apple but it is mainly a SaaS approach with a continuous approach between device software and cloud storage.
Microsoft on its side propose a global approach, with provision of hardware and software, on a transparent and global approach.

So yes, Azure clearly does the "Waouh effect". If you want to check, just do it. It's free.

Free, you said?

Yes, the trial is free. You get 150€ of service credit and a 30-days limit to use it. Mine was used in 3 days, due to the SQL Server resource that was costing a lot.

Cost repartition

As you can see above, SQL server service represent around 70% of global cost. This is mainly due to the fact that SharePoint is particularly greedy in SQL transactions and as I played a lot with it in order to obtain the configuration I wanted, it costed me a big part of my credit.

Having seen that, a proper alternative may be SharePoint online, but I didn't had the opportunity to test it yet.

dimanche 27 avril 2014

Waiting for web 3.0

Waiting for web 3.0

We all know that the first release of a software is to avoid. Few or bugged functionalities. Only usable by early adopters.

The second one is better, but still need some maturation.

The third one, is obviously the mature one and a good basis for future releases.

So wait for Web 3.0...

mardi 22 avril 2014

Apple is going green and claim it

Some months (years?) ago, Apple was bashed due to the use of non environmental safe components in their device. It seems that this time has changed and that now, Apple is putting its ecological policy as a strong selling point.
First with a little anecdotic green leave for the well-known apple logo as a reference to the earth day (today) but also by many other initiatives:
  • A clear reference to Samsung in commercial ads with the slogan "There are some things we want every company to copy" promoting green energy by showing solar panels,
  • A Tim Cook's video about Apple's efforts for environment (see video on YouTube),
  • An article on Lisa Jackson on Wired (see article on Wired),
  • A selection of ecological apps on AppStore.
Clearly, Apple took some measures to avoid a new ecological bashing and make it become a commercial advantage in the future.

A good news for the planet, obviously...

samedi 19 avril 2014

Grams, le frère jumeau obscur de Google

Pour toutes les personnes à la recherche d'un produit licite, il y a Google. Et pour les autres, il y'a Grams...
Avec un look & feel en tout point ressemblant à Google, Grams propose de manière à l'utilisateur l'accès à des produits illicites (drogues, armes, faux papiers... - ça y est je suis repéré par la NSA) en toute discrétion.

Là ou l'affaire prend toute sa saveur, c'est que la condition sine qua non pour acceder à Grams est de passer par le réseau TOR (The Onion Ring) dont l'objectif est de transmettre de façon anonyme les flux internet.
Or ce réseau alternatif est financé pour 3/5ème par le gouvernement américain, pour 1/5ème par des bénévoles et pour le reste par des fondations et donateurs divers dont... Google.

Je me fais alors la reflexion suivante : en creant Internet, l'homme a donné vie à un monde parallèle, virtuel mais néanmoins en interaction avec son réel. Avait-il alors conscience que l'Abel ainsi engendré aurait un jour son Caïn? Que nous réserve ce "Shadow Internet" dont les buts libertaires éminemment louables permettent d'engendrer de tels dérives?

lundi 14 avril 2014

The Holy Grail: How to develop seamlessly in the cloud | VentureBeat |Cloud | by Jay Simons

In this article, the author provide very concrete information to build quickly and for an affordable price a complete development (and running) platform. Quite interesting as soon as you see cloud as the future toolset for development team.
I would have added Microsoft Azure to the panel of solutions presented here.

Journalist: I was assaulted on street for wearing Google Glass - fromCNET

What surprise me in such a case is not the violence of the reaction itself, but the fact that it seems people are going mad about technology progress.
As if it was too much for them now to stand it. Nevertheless, I see it only as the next step of the last decades technological advance.

Google Patents Tiny Cameras Embedded In Contact Lenses from TechCrunch

This is the natural next step after Google glass : contact lenses. When you see how violent may be the reactions of some people in front of Google glass wearer, you may imagine that this would be obviously a more discrete way to capture videos.
Such a thing also confirm Google's interest for health stuff by the way.

RSLN Mag : Un jeu pour retrouver l'agilité après un AVC

A tout ceux qui ont un proche qui a connu ce type d'accident, une initiative plus qu'intéressante à suivre…

dimanche 13 avril 2014

Androïd 4.1.1 affected by Heartbleed...

So if you have such an OS on your device, you may wish to upgrade to a newer version. Would it be sufficient?

No, it won't.

Google has issued a fix, and it is now up to its partners to implement it. In the meantime, if you want to check your device, Lookout issued a specific app for this : Heart Bleed Detector

So, now you know...

vendredi 11 avril 2014

Google Glass : elles seront mises en vente le 15 avril aux Etats-Unis

C'est une nouvelle façon de gérer la pénurie permettant également au consommateur final de toucher du doigt le produit de demain... Et donc d'obtenir un retour d'expérience pertinent.

Reste une question : quelles sont les applications disponibles sur ces Google glass pour le tout un chacun? Si elles s'avèrent limitées, le retour pourrait en être défavorable.

jeudi 10 avril 2014

Vers une tablette tactile sous Chrome OS pour la fin du mois ?

Prezi, le PowerPoint killer, franchit les 40 millions d’utilisateurs

Security Update

Did you receive such articles from your internet services provider? I did from IFTTT and it confirmed to me that they are a very serious team

Put the internet to work for you.
Hello champommier,

A major vulnerability in the technology that powers encryption across much of the internet was discovered this week. Like many other teams, we took immediate action to patch the vulnerability in our infrastructure.

IFTTT is no longer vulnerable.

Though we have no evidence of malicious behavior, we've taken the extra precaution of logging you out of IFTTT on the web and mobile. We encourage you to change your password not only on IFTTT, but everywhere, as many of the services you love were affected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

—The IFTTT Team

For more information on this vulnerability, also known as "Heartbleed," visit:

samedi 29 mars 2014

So Microsoft is delivering Office on iPad. Pretty cool! But what is behind?

This was a rumour for a long time now, but Microsoft finally did it and this is not a little announce that Satya Naddala, new Microsoft CEO did there. Office is now available on iPad. And for free... or almost.

Office or Office 365 by the way?

My first reaction was "what does MS want to do on iPad" as they are doing so much effort on the other side to promote their mobile platform through Windows 8. I see two objectives there:
  1. Apple is losing more and more market shares this last months, facing Androïd aggressive strategy. Nevertheless, iPad is still a credible mobile device in business market on which it address executives and commercial population. In a strategy consisting to still being a market leader in business market, this does have a sense for Microsoft to provide tools continuity between desktop tools and mobile ones on its leading suite. Helping Apple to keep its leader position in this market today is another way to avoid facing a potential massive Androïd competitor in the next year. This is not the first time that Microsoft deploy such a strategy with Apple, for those who remember 1997's Apple keynote.
  2. Here, Microsoft does not promote iPad, nor even Office. If you read the little lines at the bottom of the contract, you'll see that free provided features are read-only ones. For a complete set of features, you have to buy an Office 365 license, which clearly echoes on the recent Microsoft strategy to target the cloud market that I recently observed during the french MS TechDays. What a big stone in iCloud garden by the way... and a clear response to Apple to provide a continuous suite between MacOS and iOS.
There may be several other reason for which deploying MS Office on iPad would not be a strategic mistake from Microsoft. But these two first ones seems sufficient for me. Microsoft strategy is now clearly heading cloud services and mobile devices are only one way among others to access these services. As a major actor in business market, Apple is a mandatory partner and competitor on it.

samedi 15 mars 2014

Pourquoi le chargeur universel de téléphone est une aberration

Depuis mac4ever :

En deux mots: plus besoin de chargeur universel. La prise universelle existe : c'est l'USB. Certains constructeurs l'ont compris depuis longtemps. Pas la commission européenne apparemment...

jeudi 6 mars 2014

«Si ces données ont tant d’importance pour les entreprises, pourquoi n’en auraient-elles pas pour nous?»

Depuis 20 Minutes quel avenir pour les outils de big data individuels? La démarche peut être intéressante dès lors que les entreprises jouent le jeu, et donc y trouvent l'Eure compte.

samedi 1 mars 2014

Why to Sketch Every Day

From I do sketch, but not every day. Maybe I should...

Apple lance iOS in the Car avec Ferrari, Mercedes et Volvo

Ca y est, c'est officiel, Apple lance "iOS in the car". Pas de chance pour les marques françaises qui ratent le coche. Tout comme les marques américaines d'ailleurs, ce qui est plus étonnant.

Google, lui, s'est associé à Audi, Honda, General Motors et d'autres pour former l'Open Automotive Alliance.

De son côté, Microsoft vient de présenter un pré-version de "Windows in the car" dont les fonctionnalités semblent équivalentes mais qui nécessite encore de petits coups de tournevis pour être fiable...

Toujours est-il que le créneau de la voiture "intelligente" semble bel et bien devenir un enjeu majeur de la compétition entre les grands noms du secteur.

MWC 2014 : Fujitsu présente une tablette dont l'écran change de texture

Depuis l'Usine Digitale. Un nouveau cheval de bataille pour les constructeurs de tablettes? A voir. En tout cas, j'aimerais bien essayer.

vendredi 28 février 2014

Apple améliore ses outils de déploiement des appareils iOS

Depuis iGen. Apple semble désormais s'attaquer à la problématique MDM et MAM, qui représente une problématique non négligeable en entreprise. Il faudra être crédible sur le point de la sécurité, ce que sont des acteurs tels qu'AirWatch.

mercredi 26 février 2014

Why and how did I migrate on Blogger?

I just migrated Synapteek from Wordpress to Blogger. The rationale of it is quite simple. Willing to make my blog more appealing, attract more readers and, why not, monetize it, I decided to give it a brand new name (Synapteek).

First thing first, I needed a domain name that I purchased at 1and1 (, but unfortunately, Wordpress does not allow .fr domains to be mapped to its hosted blogs (WTF !). Anyway, I then purchased a .net one ( But then, Wordpress asked me fees to map it to my blog (WTF bis !).

I then decided to open a blogger account, export my Wordpress blog entirely (theme excepted) and import it into Blogger in a blink.

I then had to map my domain name to my Blogger blog following carefully instructions provided for 1and1 registered domain. This implied the creation of a sub-domain with specific DNS configuration as well as another one for security reason.
I then configured to redirect and I get a blog mapped on my own domain name. Yes !

A last think nevertheless, I need also to have an auto post feature from my new blog on Blogger to my LinkedIn account. I tried Hootsuite to do so, but didn't find a way to configure it properly (I am even not sure it is possible, maybe Hootsuite is just not designed for this purpose). I then found IFTTT services and loved it. Simple, straightforward and powerful. Exactly the kind of service I was searching for, with an additional feature. I added also an auto post from my Blogger blog to my Wordpress one, which allow me to keep it for a while.

So I now have a Blogger blog as a master with automatic posting on LinkedIn and Wordpress as slaves.

Next step is to refresh my Blogger theme to get something more appealing, but the inastructure is there. 

Synapteek moved from Wordpress to Blogger

Tech´revolution is dead, long life to synapteek...

I opened this blog some months ago to share my thoughts about new technologies, innovation and IT topics. At this time, the idea being to issue some posts with no idea of its future, no effort was put to baptize it.

But time is going by and It is now time to give it a true name. Tech'revolution then becomes Synapteek.

It will still be available through the current URL ( for some time but through or as well.

See you then on Synapteek and long life to it.

E. Champommier

dimanche 23 février 2014

10 leçons qu'il faut retenir du rachat de WhatsApp par Facebook - Challenges

Il y a trois ans, indique The Verge, ce fonds de capital-risque américain, l'un des plus gros de la Silicon Valley, avait investi 8 millions de dollars dans WhatsApp pour une part de capital comprise entre 10 et 20% (l'information n'est pas publique). Ce qui veut dire qu'il va récupérer entre 1,6 et 3,2 milliards de dollars dans l'opération. Au mieux, le retour sur investissement sera donc de 40.000%. Et peut-être davantage encore, puisque, selon Fortune, Sequoia aurait investi 60 millions de dollars dans la start-up.

via 10 leçons qu'il faut retenir du rachat de WhatsApp par Facebook - Challenges.

J'aime la phrase finale
En tout cas, il a du panache, que l'on assimilera, au choix, à de l'audace, de la folie ou de l'inconscience.


Tesla’s most disruptive product may not be its cars – Quartz

Tesla’s most disruptive product may not be its cars – Quartz.

To be continued...

samedi 22 février 2014

WhatsApp victime de son dysfonctionnement mensuel

Difficile lendemain de cuite pour WhatsApp ? Le service de messagerie instantanée est en panne depuis le début de la soirée. Lorsqu'on lance l'application, celle-ci ne parvient pas à se connecter.

via WhatsApp victime de son dysfonctionnement mensuel.

Voilà de quoi énerver quelque peu Mark Zuckerberg...

Microsoft reportedly dropping licensing fees for Windows 8.1 amid competition from Apple and Google

Google and Apple definitely shaked the PC market.

mercredi 19 février 2014

Data quality @home

I recently began to go through my own photo library. To give you some ideas, it contains 16,500 photos from year 2000 to today. I had several ways to sort it, but one that made sense to me was to:

  1. Ensure proper dating of photos

  2. Associate keywords to them

  3. Localize (or “geo-tag”) them

  4. Identify people represented in it

In other words, for each photo being considered as a "data", I defined several properties (or "meta-data") to index and retrieve it afterward. And then arise some echoes with my current work around data quality.

I propose to have a look on each of these properties through a data quality categorization.


I will consider a picture as totally indexed if:

  • It has a proper dating (so potentially redressed if needed)

  • It has at least one keyword associated

  • It is geo-tagged

  • All the people represented in it and belonging to my first family and friend circle are identified

A first level of completion is obtained with the three first assertions. Let’s call it C1. If I add the fourth assertion, I obtain a full completion that I call C2.


Dating is provided as an automatic feature when you shoot with a digital camera. Unfortunately, it appears that sometimes camera settings are not properly set (in particular when you change batteries or considering jet lag). You may then enter into a real nightmare... Believe me. So the typical question is: what makes sense to me in matter of dating accuracy? In order to retrieve photos back, I would say that an accuracy of days or so should be sufficient. Hours may have a sense also, but more to have a sorted display of photos on a given day.

Keywords have to be accurate enough to help me to differentiate photos. If I put something like "family", the risk is to have too many photos responding to this criterion and not being able to find a specific one. At the other extremity of the spectrum, providing too precise criteria would be useless, as I would not think about it when searching for particular photos. Providing that, I opt for a finite set of keywords on which I provide my own semantic. As an example: "vacations" will be used for any holiday's period of more than 2-3 days or so. "Travel" will be added when I consider a travel abroad from France. This is clearly my own semantic and provides only sense to myself.

Geo-tagging on its side is a huge matter. I recently had a trip to Japan. I may geo-tag all my photos to Japan, but would it be sufficient? In particular, it won't help me to retrieve pictures from (and only from) Tokyo. So I would choose an accuracy of city. The only problem with this choice is that in the particular case of Paris, city where I live, it would clearly be not enough as I have so many pictures from Paris. I did not find the perfect level of accuracy for geo-tagging so far, or more exactly, I do not know how to rationalize it. Considering that I use geo-tagging to retrieve pictures afterwards, I just use my own memory to "geo-tag" it and it should be enough. The only limit on that point is that my wife as a pretty better memory than I have, and by this way is far more accurate in its pictures searches than I am... The good point for the future is that more and more camera provides now an automatic geo-tagging feature. This is already the case for most of smartphones and they are becoming a common source of pictures. So the technology will certainly help in the future my poor human memory.

People represented on photo also needs some decisions regarding accuracy criteria. Do I want to search any people I encountered once or twice that appear in only a couple of pictures (yeah... I am sure you have such a case, just have a look on the pictures of the last weeding you attend)? I certainly wouldn’t. So I decided to restrain my tags to people of my first circle of family and friends. And it represents already a big piece of work.


It could seem a bit weird to address such a topic in this context, but if you consider all the operations (copy-paste, editions and so on…) that you may do on a daily basis on your pictures, you inevitably will encounter such issues. Having used an automatic tool to detect these multiples, I had found about 150 of them and even after removing it; I still found some rare evidence of pictures being present several times (not considering pictures being present in colours as well as B&W or with and without frames around it).


After a first manual data cleansing operation I obtain estimations of the data quality rate of my photo library.

Considering completeness, I have so far a rating of 85% of pictures considered as C1-complete. Adding the fourth one would of course drastically decrease this rate, considering that 11,300 people are detected in my pictures library without having been properly identified (9,500 for the C2-completed pictures).

For accuracy, I am still searching for a proper way to measure it, either on keywords or geo-tag. Next step will be to execute some data profiling to help defining some rules to measure.

Last, but not least, regarding uniqueness I now consider that the cleansing has been done, reaching a rate of 99,99% or so.

Considering the whole picture the Pareto's law, it seems that a long way is still in front of me. But this is quite typical for a data quality topic, isn’t?

samedi 25 janvier 2014

Put the price apart, when it comes to quality, mac becomes the number 1 choice

I recently had a discussion with a guy from an IT company who has a BYOD policy. In few words, they give their employees 1200 € (about 1600 bucks) to buy a personal computer with a 3-year 24/24 warranty and use it at work. After one year, the PC is their own.

What appears is that 80% of people buy a Mac. To be honest, I could not imagine this. But this is the fact. If you have enough money and only care about quality, Mac is really a bargain.

Apple should think about it. They have the quality but their prices is clearly high. This is a market position that I may understand, but they have a clear advantage in terms of image to people (even IT ones, which - as an IT guy - I didn't believe). What about a low-end "MacBook c" for young people, students and so on (and why not, with delightful candy colors that had success in the past ?

mercredi 1 janvier 2014

"Le futur de la photo : Canon, Nikon et Sony ?"

Les mutations numériques touchent de plein fouet de nombreux secteur. La photographie, la vidéo, le livre, la musique.

Tout est désormais disponible dans une seule main sous la forme d'un smartphone.