lundi 14 juillet 2014

Google glass is a small step for man, MindRDR is a giant leap for mankind

With MindRDR, You can command directly your Google glasses from ... your brain.

The product is rather simple, and let say it, not very discrete, but using both Google glasses and ThinkGear EEG sensor from NeuroSky, it allows you to command your Google glasses using your mind to capture pictures and share them to social networks (Twitter and Facebook).

More than this simple feature, it also provides an open source app for Google glasses in order to enhance the device capabilities in the future. First feature I am thinking about is a way to exchange small messages between device wearers, and this already has a name : telepathy.

What is interesting there is that MindRDR did innovation, not by creating an hardware device, but by mixing two existing ones and providing a way for more promising innovations in the future.

Of course, this also raised a lot of questions about the potential bad use of such devices but in any case, this is a part of current technical revolution.

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