mercredi 26 février 2014

Why and how did I migrate on Blogger?

I just migrated Synapteek from Wordpress to Blogger. The rationale of it is quite simple. Willing to make my blog more appealing, attract more readers and, why not, monetize it, I decided to give it a brand new name (Synapteek).

First thing first, I needed a domain name that I purchased at 1and1 (, but unfortunately, Wordpress does not allow .fr domains to be mapped to its hosted blogs (WTF !). Anyway, I then purchased a .net one ( But then, Wordpress asked me fees to map it to my blog (WTF bis !).

I then decided to open a blogger account, export my Wordpress blog entirely (theme excepted) and import it into Blogger in a blink.

I then had to map my domain name to my Blogger blog following carefully instructions provided for 1and1 registered domain. This implied the creation of a sub-domain with specific DNS configuration as well as another one for security reason.
I then configured to redirect and I get a blog mapped on my own domain name. Yes !

A last think nevertheless, I need also to have an auto post feature from my new blog on Blogger to my LinkedIn account. I tried Hootsuite to do so, but didn't find a way to configure it properly (I am even not sure it is possible, maybe Hootsuite is just not designed for this purpose). I then found IFTTT services and loved it. Simple, straightforward and powerful. Exactly the kind of service I was searching for, with an additional feature. I added also an auto post from my Blogger blog to my Wordpress one, which allow me to keep it for a while.

So I now have a Blogger blog as a master with automatic posting on LinkedIn and Wordpress as slaves.

Next step is to refresh my Blogger theme to get something more appealing, but the inastructure is there. 

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