mardi 22 avril 2014

Apple is going green and claim it

Some months (years?) ago, Apple was bashed due to the use of non environmental safe components in their device. It seems that this time has changed and that now, Apple is putting its ecological policy as a strong selling point.
First with a little anecdotic green leave for the well-known apple logo as a reference to the earth day (today) but also by many other initiatives:
  • A clear reference to Samsung in commercial ads with the slogan "There are some things we want every company to copy" promoting green energy by showing solar panels,
  • A Tim Cook's video about Apple's efforts for environment (see video on YouTube),
  • An article on Lisa Jackson on Wired (see article on Wired),
  • A selection of ecological apps on AppStore.
Clearly, Apple took some measures to avoid a new ecological bashing and make it become a commercial advantage in the future.

A good news for the planet, obviously...

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