dimanche 1 septembre 2013

A watch, a TV set, or new glasses. What would you prefer for Christmas?

This is clearly the point, who will present the most innovative device for next year?

- Samsung with its "Galaxy gear", to be unveiled on the 4th of September,

- Apple with its "iWatch" for fall of 2013, or - why not - the so often promised Apple TV (see What if Apple's iWatch is a TV?)

- Google with its "Glass" - currently under experiment by chosen users - that may be released for end of 2013.

Anyway, whoever will be the great winner of next months, the technological race has never been so interesting, and innovation is at its climax.

On my point of view, connected watch (whatever you call them, SmartWatch, iWatch or Galaxy gear) do not make the "Whaoooo" effect that I had some years before with the iPod touch, but I may be wrong. Especially if manufacturers manage to make them an essential device for end-users as they did it with smartphones (by the way, will we need smartphones in 2 or 3 years if we all have connected watches ?).

Connected TV sets may certainly be improved, but the concept is already there and could then not be such a disruptive innovation (here again, I may be wrong...).

But what about this smart glasses? Here is the best product I can see in the next months. It is mainly presented today as an embedded video device. But what a great potential if you mix Internet information with it !

So, what would be in your own letter to Santa?

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