dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Do I like Apple products? Yes I do. Do I like Apple? I don't give a damn

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
I have got an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod touch, and two MacBook. Am I an Apple addict? I do not think so. I just observe that I prefer the MacBook I write this blog on than the DELL PC I work on. On the same way, I just used a Galaxy Tab II to test some mobile application in my job. Sorry, but here again, I prefer my old 1st gen iPad.

So, what is so appealing for me in Apple products? I had a recent visit in MoMA some days ago and what is clear is that these products are very close to pop art. By essence, they have something to do with design in its primary essence and I like it. This is not something rational, as art is not. This may be expensive, as art may be. But this something I feel beautiful as some art forms do.

On the other side, the DELL PC I use at work is so black, so sad, so close to any other computer and so far from beauty... The Samsung tablet I use is so complicated, so an engineer product with so much settings and at the end, just another tablet...

Let's admit it, innovation is not on Apple side (at least for a while I foresee). But they anyway still have design with them. And I like design. This is not rational. This is just a matter of nature.

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