dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Not available for this christmas, but appealing anyway

Revolution in Photography

Panono : Not available for this christmas, but appealing anyway

Some 30 years ago...

I remember my family looking up at a projection screen a whole bunch of flat slides in the dark. It was a bit long sometimes, but always a great moment shared together.

We all were discussing about travels, family celebrations and so on and our own memories were feeding this shared moment.

..then came the digital era

The projection screen was then replaced by a little computer screen, on which we looked down. We then had the same discussions, same memories and same shared moments.

The computer screen finally has been replaced by TV screen on which we look forward.

And what about tomorrow?

I imagine my family gathered in the same room, all wearing some Google glasses and having the same 360 degrees picture projected in it. We all move and share this moment physically, looking up, forward and down, pointing some particular details.

Will it be better? Who knows. But it seems that technology is not very far from this.

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